1- Placental

2- Jibraatka

3- MasterBeast

All Music Composed and Performed by Takatak

Re-amp, Mix and Mastered by Ahmed Waqar Khan

[MasterBeast] Mixed and Mastered by Keshav Dhar

Recorded at 345-K/Mammon's Lair

Produced, Engineered and Edited by Zain Peerzada and Ibrahim Imdad

Artwork by Faizaan Peerzada

Compiled and Edited by Isa Najam

Special Thanks to Raavail Sattar, Jamal Rehman (True Brew Records), Danish Khawaja, Hafiz Vayani, Daud Khan, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, Shehryar S. Qureshi, Usman Sheikh, Haider Abbas, Ibrahim Ramay and Lubna Ramay.

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